"The watch is not only a tool for measuring time, but a jewel that combines the elegance of a brand with a great tradition and high-tech performance. Such a precious asset deserves the necessary care exclusively in specialized centers for a suitable assistance This is because the due attention can be given only by those who have chosen this profession by investing their passion in the study, in the continuous updating and in the improvement of the equipment adopting the appropriate technologies "

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Watch Center is an artisan company that performs technical assistance, overhaul, maintenance, repair and restoration services, of every kind of watch, from wristwatches and pocket watches to wall clocks and pendulums and especially watches of the great Swiss fashion houses. of considerable historical and artistic value.

Our interventions are of high quality standard and carried out directly in our technical assistance laboratory, therefore without intermediaries.
This aspect, in addition to the most modern equipment required by the great watchmaking houses, the specializations and the experience accumulated over decades of business, allows us to guarantee our customers services at competitive prices and the 24-month warranty on repairs clock (in the case of a complete service of revision).

Our commitment and our professionalism have allowed us to consolidate, over time, relationships of trust with customers who turn to us to intervene on prestigious brands such as: Rolex, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger LeCoultre, Cartier , Panerai, Zenith, TAG Heuer and many others.



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The maintenance

  Why is it necessary to carefully maintain the watch?

Maintenance must be performed every year (see instructions of the parent company), to prevent damage to the components of the watch.In our laboratory is carried out in a very short time and includes ...Read more


  Why the review?

In the clock, to reduce friction between the various moving parts, the specific lubricants are introduced. During their lifetime of 3-5 years they lost due to wear, the viscosity. So the revision over the recommended times means ...Read more

The water resistance

  Why waterproofing?

Waterproofing protects the movement from dust, humidity and any risk of deterioration in case of immersion or contact with water. The water resistance ...Read more


For a diagnosis of your watch with a free estimate, you can come to our laboratory or ask for an appointment at your home (Western Sicily) or, alternatively, you can send us the watch, after completing the form belowthrough courier Italian Post Office with which we have a convention agreement.

We are happy to answer also  "WhatsApp" (click icon below) and others Social where you can send photos and pictures of the object for a better evaluation.

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For dealers, jewelers, etc. Watch Center offers a targeted service to meet the needs of logistics and mobility of customers in fact, throughout Western Sicily and beyond, our couriers (weekly or fortnightly) collect the repairs of watches at home and return them at the end of the work.

To request the free service simply contact us at no. +39 091 586773 or by filling out this form, or by email, WhatsApp and others Social and then we will come to your office to discuss the details of collaboration.

For the rest of the Italian territory, and we provide for individuals to withdraw and return the repairs, through courier Italian Post or TNT with whom we have an agreement